Top 10 AI Tools to Boost Productivity and Creativity  

#1 Adobe Premiere Pro    

Professional video editor with AI-powered features for color matching, automatic reframing, and scene detection.  

#2 Fireflies    

AI transcription tool for automating meeting recordings, transcriptions, and notes, integrating with platforms like Zoom and Google Meets.  

#3 Midjourney  

AI image generator creating diverse styles of images, requiring Discord for operation and offering a free option.  

#4 DALL-E 3

OpenAI's image generation tool, capable of creating vivid images from text prompts and editing existing images.  

#5 Tome    

Presentation builder that generates text, images, and slides for presentations quickly, suitable for various users.  

#6 Lumen5    

AI tool for quick and user-friendly video creation, ideal for repurposing marketing content into engaging video formats.  

#7 GitHub Copilot    

AI coding assistant providing code suggestions and solutions, built with OpenAI Codex for programmers.  

#8 NeuralText    

NLP writing assistant that improves content for writers and SEO managers, focusing on content production efficiency.  

#9 VEED    

Offers AI avatars, screen recorders, and editors, known for its ease of use and powerful video editing capabilities.  

#10 Filmora Wondershare    

Comprehensive AI video editing suite integrated with ChatGPT for script generation, offering advanced features and stock media items.  

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