8 AI Chatbots for When You Need Someone to Talk To  

#1 ChatGPT  

Versatile AI chatbot for various domains, can solve math problems, write and debug code, and generate new content.  

#2 Bing Chat   

AI-powered search co-pilot by Microsoft, combining top search results into detailed responses and offering an image creation tool.  

#3 Google Bard   

Multifunctional AI chatbot by Google, excelling in text generation, image creation, and coding in multiple languages.  

#4 Jasper Chat   

Business-oriented chatbot, assists in brainstorming, content creation, and editing with a focus on brand voice adaptation.  

#5 Perplexity   

Conversational AI search engine, compiles internet information for simple answers and provides links to source material.  

#6 Tidio Lyro   

Designed for small and medium businesses, engages in personalized customer conversations and learns from company knowledge bases.  

#7 Chat by Copy.AI   

Specializes in writing copy with pre-built templates, facilitates content creation and organization.  

#8 Chatsonic   

Tailored for content production, offers features like voice-to-text, text-to-voice, and personality settings for chat experiences.  

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