10 Magical AI Tools That Turn Your Words into Art 

#1 LimeWire AI Studio 

Integrates various open-source image generation models, with unique features like NFT minting on blockchain platforms.  

#2 NightCafe  

Offers a broad range of algorithms, user-friendly interface, and a credit system with a generous free tier for AI art creation.  

#3 Shutterstock   

Combines DALL-E 2 AI system with Shutterstock's user-friendly platform for generating images for commercial and personal use.  

#4 Midjourney  

Utilizes Discord for photorealistic image creation, offering high-quality art generation with sophisticated prompting.  

#5 DALL-E 3

Known for generating highly realistic images quickly, featuring a user-friendly interface and versatile design tools.  

#6 Deep Dream Generator   

Uses a neural network for creating realistic images, offering various painting styles and three distinct creation styles.  

#7 Artbreeder   

Specializes in creating variations of images using machine learning, allowing for a wide range of artistic creations.  

#8 PhotoSonic   

Transforms text descriptions into artistic images, featuring a variety of design styles and high-definition output options.  

#9 Jasper Art   

From Jasper AI, this tool creates AI art from various styles and moods, suitable for marketing and creative content.  

#10 Dream by WOMBO   

A mobile app focusing on turning words and photos into colorful, fantasy-driven AI-generated art.  

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