8 Best FREE AI Art Generator for Making Awesome Design

#1 StarryAI  

Offers five free daily credits for AI art creation, with a strong community and helpful guides on Discord.  

#2 Craiyon  

User-friendly, free AI art generator, formerly DALL-E Mini. Provides vivid quality images but with slower result speed.  

#3 NightCafe  

Stylish interface, vibrant community, unlimited free Stable Diffusion creations. Features an advanced prompt editor in the free version.  

#4 InstantArt  

Generates free AI art with various presets and model options including Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.  

#5 Mage  

Features a weekly creations contest and a straightforward interface. Offers various models, with advanced options for Pro accounts.  

#6 PicsArt  

Suite of image and AI editing tools, with an accessible AI image generator and stylistic presets.  

#7 Pixray  

Browser-based, free text-to-art generator with customization via different AI engines and extensive documentation.  

#8 Cutout.Pro  

Offers AI art generation, background removal, and image retouching tools. The art generator has a clean interface with various character styles.  

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