How to Use Freedom GPT: Is It Safe?

In the vast landscape of artificial intelligence and language models, a new contender has emerged: Freedom GPT.

Developed by the Austin-based venture firm Age of AI Capital LLC and hosted by CellStrat AI Research Lab, this AI model promises a range of features from content generation to language translation. But with the promise of uncensored and private interactions, comes the question of its safety.

In this blog post, we dive deep into the world of Freedom GPT, understanding its functionality and evaluating its security.

What is Freedom GPT

Freedom GPT is an open-source AI language model designed for a plethora of tasks such as text generation, language translation, and question answering.

Set apart from the crowd, it runs locally on a user’s device, ensuring privacy by not allowing interactions to leave the user’s computer.

It boasts of being an uncensored, private, and unbiased AI chatbot, built on the powerful Alpaca model, with aims at achieving confidentiality, equality, and freedom.

How Does FreedomGPT Work

The mechanics behind FreedomGPT are both intricate and revolutionary. It emulates the sequences of human language and renders them into coherent, natural language.

The model leans on the capabilities of the Llama model and incorporates a parameter from the 7B model from Meta AI.

This blend ensures efficient interference and fine-tuning. Additionally, by harnessing the more intelligible and customizable features of Alpaca, FreedomGPT stands out as a specialized tool in the AI realm.

How to Use Freedom GPT

For those keen on getting hands-on with this AI marvel, using Freedom GPT is straightforward. Users have two options:

  1. Desktop Application: Download the desktop application suitable for Windows or Mac from the official Freedom GPT website. After installation, simply type a prompt, and watch as Freedom GPT crafts a response.
  2. Web Application: If you’re not keen on downloading software, Freedom GPT offers a web-based application that provides similar functionality.

For a more techie approach, you can also get the application from the Freedom GPT GitHub repository and set it up using commands such as “yarn install”.

Can You Download FreedomGPT App

Absolutely! FreedomGPT offers a downloadable app available for both Mac and Windows devices.

Once you’ve installed the application, you’ll be prompted to choose an AI model, such as the Alpaca bin file. Once set up, the user-friendly chat-based interface invites you to interact with the AI.

For those who want to go beyond the official site, platforms like MajorGeeks also host the application for download.

Is Freedom GPT Safe to Use

While the promise of an uncensored AI that runs offline seems like a dream come true for many, it does come with its set of concerns.

The most significant of these is the lack of content moderation. Without any filters or checks, there is a potential risk of generating harmful or misleading content. This absence of moderation can lead to the spread of incorrect information.

Multiple sources have expressed concerns about the potential pitfalls of using an AI without any content checks.

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Freedom GPT is undeniably a significant stride in the realm of AI, offering uncensored and localized interactions that prioritize user privacy.

While its features are vast and its capabilities powerful, potential users should tread with caution, keeping in mind the potential risks associated with its uncensored nature.

Like all tools, Freedom GPT is as beneficial or harmful as the hands that wield it. As AI enthusiasts, it’s upon us to use it responsibly and judiciously.

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