How to Create Web Stories With Canva on ChatGPT 

#1 Integration

Navigate to the plugin section in ChatGPT Plus, go to the Plugin Store, search for and install the Canva plugin.

#2 Prompt Creation

In ChatGPT, draft a prompt detailing the type of web story you wish to design which will generate a Canva template link

#3 Design Customization

Click "Open in Canva" to customize the design in Canva’s editor with extensive features and options

#4 Keyword Utilization

Employ relevant keywords in your prompt to obtain optimal design results

#5 Template Experimentation

Experiment with various prompts and templates to discover the ones that best suit your web story requirements

#6 Efficiency and Creativity

Use the Canva and ChatGPT integration to swiftly generate creative web stories, saving time and enhancing visual appeal

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