8 Best AI Voice Generators for Making Celebrity Voices  

#1 Murf.AI  

Offers diverse, natural-sounding voices in multiple languages for various applications like virtual assistants, chatbots, and audiobooks.

#2 Play.ht    

Provides over 900 AI voices with speech styles and inflections, ideal for podcasts, videos, and offers a WordPress plugin for audio widgets.  

#3 Listnr  

Specializes in high-quality voiceovers for online courses and videos, featuring podcast hosting, social media integration, and customizable embed modules.  

#4 Speechify  

Converts text to high-quality audio with over 50 premium voices, available as a mobile app and web interface, supporting document imports.  

#5 LOVO  

Suitable for video producers, offering a range of voices in different languages, with advanced editing tools and API integration.  

#6 Synthesy  

Offers AI audio content, digital art, and AI avatars, supporting over 140 languages with 254 voices and a Human Synthesys Studio for video creation.  

#7 Resemble.AI

Allows creation or cloning of AI-generated voices, featuring cross-lingual support, emotion control, and a marketplace for custom voice projects.  

#8 FakeYou  

Provides a wide array of artificially generated voices suitable for various categories like Anime characters, cartoons, and commercial projects.  

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