8 AI Voice Generators for Every Budget & Need  

#1 Murf.AI  

Offers over 120 text-to-speech voices in 20+ languages, ideal for content creators and business presentations.  

#2 Listnr  

Features 600+ voices in 75+ languages, with podcast hosting and editing tools, great for new podcasters.  

#3 Speechify  

Converts written text to audio with 50+ premium voices, suitable for students and educators for reading assistance.  

#4 LOVO (Genny)  

Provides 400 voices in 100 languages, capable of expressing 25+ emotions, perfect for video producers and audio engineers.  

#5 Synthesys  

Allows creation of AI audio content and digital avatars, with over 140 languages and 254 voices, ideal for video content without a physical presence.  

#6 Resemble.AI  

Specializes in custom AI voice creation from text or speech, useful for unique voiceover projects.  

#7 Cohesive  

Transforms text into speech in various languages including English, Spanish, and Japanese, suitable for podcasts and videos.  

#8 WellSaid Labs  

Offers realistic AI voiceovers suitable for a range of applications like podcasts and video narrations, with collaboration tools for team projects.  

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