7 AI Stocks to Fuel Your Next Investment Blast  


Leader in GPU-based AI processing, excelling in AI and machine learning technology.  

#2 Microsoft (MSFT)  

Strong AI presence with investment in OpenAI and integration of advanced language models like ChatGPT.  

#3 Alphabet Inc (GOOGL)  

Google's parent company, spearheading AI innovation, including development of Google Bard, an advanced AI language model.  

#4 C3.ai (AI)  

Specializes in B2B AI applications and platforms, catering to digital transformation needs of businesses.  

#5 Tesla (TSLA)  

Renowned for electric vehicles and cutting-edge autonomous driving technology, leveraging advanced AI.  

#6 Symbotic Inc (SYM)  

Exhibits significant growth in the AI market, particularly in robotics and AI thematic applications.  

#7 UiPath Inc (PATH)  

Focuses on Robotic Process Automation, playing a critical role in AI applications across industries.  

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